This year has been a wild one for Crummy House.

We had a ton of momentum early in the year and did a bunch of fun things, but towards the middle we started getting bogged down in life’s curve balls. Many different things have changed in the past three months, those who know us best would say we’re doing it right, but those changes have really slowed our progress on making and collaborating with other artists. We’re bummed that we’ve not been as active as our first year, but stoked on what we’ve managed to do in this second year of making.

We’ll have some stuff showing at Bearded Lady during EAST this year, so stay tuned for information coming up about that. We’ve got a great zine in the works from a friend across the ocean in the works and many more on the verge of happening.

Please keep Jess and myself in your thoughts as we take on new and challenging life projects and keep the encouragement coming as we need your support to keep this thing going. We love you.

Crummy Heads