Our dear friends Alexis and Klint of  Crummy Jams Edition 1 fame (Alexis’ husband fame come Saturday!) have sent us one of the most treasured things a neophyte paper-clipper, rotary phone-using, cursive-writing dinosaur-person thing can hold dear on a list of treasures – A PACKAGE OF THINGS THEY ASSEMBLED WITH THEIR HANDS AND PUT A STAMP ON !! Klint has gifted us a pile of drawings and thoughts worthy of 2-million dollars in Crummy Currency. Someday, I hope we have a place you can trade it in and get prizes. A few of Klint’s pieces will available for viewing at the very-soon-to-be-announced  Crummy art show that’s going up at Charm School Vintage. With so much rad stuff, it’s only natural to make a separate book afterwards!

Let also not go unnoticed The ink jet article Ms. A has included in the parcel. As do all good sisters  born of Jane Austen’s imagination,  she has included a journal with magical crystal properties wherein I shall dissect and review said article for her to ponder on, and if she so chooses, respond to. It’s Hanukkah in February.