A Summer update

We’ve been keeping busy over here with real life and taking our summer break from Crummy House projects. We finally realized trying to keep up with it month to month is too much when we have jobs keeping us busy. We’re going to slow Crummy House’s pace down to focus on each individual book and make sure each edition has the attention it deserves.

Hope you’re doing well! Look for some news about a new book towards the end of the summer.

We’ve got some good stuff lined up.

Action Shot

Time to dig into the rapid fire treasure box & bust out the process gifs!

So much has been happening in the land of the visual over the last few months, we have barely had time to showcase any of it! Here’s Anna prepping some pieces that are now hanging on fancy blocks of wood at Maison de’Etoile, the home of tomorrow’s Crummy House show, Much Updo about Somethings. Come see all charming collaborations while enjoying free drank from Dripping Springs Vodka and badass jams from WABI SABI !



Our dear friends Alexis and Klint of  Crummy Jams Edition 1 fame (Alexis’ husband fame come Saturday!) have sent us one of the most treasured things a neophyte paper-clipper, rotary phone-using, cursive-writing dinosaur-person thing can hold dear on a list of treasures – A PACKAGE OF THINGS THEY ASSEMBLED WITH THEIR HANDS AND PUT A STAMP ON !! Klint has gifted us a pile of drawings and thoughts worthy of 2-million dollars in Crummy Currency. Someday, I hope we have a place you can trade it in and get prizes. A few of Klint’s pieces will available for viewing at the very-soon-to-be-announced  Crummy art show that’s going up at Charm School Vintage. With so much rad stuff, it’s only natural to make a separate book afterwards!

Let also not go unnoticed The ink jet article Ms. A has included in the parcel. As do all good sisters  born of Jane Austen’s imagination,  she has included a journal with magical crystal properties wherein I shall dissect and review said article for her to ponder on, and if she so chooses, respond to. It’s Hanukkah in February.

Questions and Answers

A photography student from the UK sent over some questions about Crummy House for a thesis paper she was working on. It’s good every once in a while to have to answer questions about what you do and why you do it, so I thought I’d share the Q and A.

Here goes:

Why do you create zines, and why did you first decide to make one?

Crummy House started making zines because we were bored with our 9 to 5PM and longer jobs. We decided on a trip to New Mexico to start a new project that’s purpose was to connect with other artists and make something for the hell of it.

How do you go about making them? Is it all done by hand, or do you send them off to be published?

Our zines are made and laid out in our home. Then we go the local copy shop and xerox the editions. Then, we’ll bring them home, staple them and stamp them.

What do you include in your zines, and why?

We include whatever the artist wants to have in the book. It’s up to them to decide the content. We only help make it happen and add a little here and there.

How do you go about distributing them? Do you use any zines distros or review websites, or do you do your own self-marketing?

Right now we’re just sending them out in packages to specific places we think would enjoy our zines. We also have art shows and sell them there and at our local awesome bookstore, Domy Books.

What do zines mean to you? What do you think of zines in general, and the culture surrounding them?

Zines are an easy way to make something in a tangible format. A way to simply catalogue our experiments. It’s also a completely natural way for people to view things, in book form. Everyone knows how to turn a page, so it makes the art that much more accessible.

Mixtape Edition 2

While we work out the details of the next couple works, we encourage you to go jam on this mixtape by Nate Cross. Nate’s band Marriage has been kicking some major eardrums these days, so you should go give ’em a listen, as well.

Click here to take a listen