Upcoming releases

Jessica and I will be traveling to San Francisco to visit and see some art in the next week or so. We’re hustling to get a new release done with good bud, X.C. Atkins. Be on the lookout for this book to be released at a Common House show next month.

More details to come.


We’re also super excited to announce a new collaboration that is beginning with artist, Max Kauffman. We’ll be working on this collaboration when we return for a mid-November release. Get ready!


Action Shot

Time to dig into the rapid fire treasure box & bust out the process gifs!

So much has been happening in the land of the visual over the last few months, we have barely had time to showcase any of it! Here’s Anna prepping some pieces that are now hanging on fancy blocks of wood at Maison de’Etoile, the home of tomorrow’s Crummy House show, Much Updo about Somethings. Come see all charming collaborations while enjoying free drank from Dripping Springs Vodka and badass jams from WABI SABI !


Farewell Books

Farewell Books image

If you live in Austin and love art and books, you probably have heard of Domy Books. Well, long story short, Domy left Austin and Farewell Books has taken over the lease. We got to check out the opening of Farewell Books last week and hope you can make it by and check out the new digs.

There are a few other shops that are sharing the space, so there is a nice variety of things to look at and buy. You can even step out back and eat at Schmaltz. So many good people have been involved in keeping this space up and going, so go by and check it out.

If you can and are able, donate to their cause here.

Sending vibes

We’re sending out the first of many packages into the world. Keep your eyes peeled and you might have one of these land at your door. Art by the post, the best kind in my opinion. Also, up next in the coming future, new zine announcements and art projects!