Hot Rod Zine Release


We’re very close to finishing this great collaboration with new friend X.C. Atkins. We’ll be having a hang sesh and zine release Thursday, August 2nd from 7 – 10 PM, at Yellow Jacket Social Club to celebrate the completion.

Bring some bucks to buy a zine and have a drink with us. We’ll have some Rod Stewart jams pumping in the background and a bunch of paper, folded into little books for your perusal.

Hot Rod

Crummy House is proud to announce a collaboration with Xavier Atkins, writer and world traveler. Xavier emailed us through the site and we met up for drinks and checked out all the rad material he’s already got stored up for a more than exceptional concept. Hot Rod will be a zine about that dude we all grew up with, Rod Stewart.

Stay tuned for more details on this zine as it will not disappoint. More announcements coming through the site in the next few days. As always, stay cool and keep creating.

Getting Ready

We’re full-steam ahead on our show set up for Friday, 7 – 9 PM.

Hope you all can make it out. It’s gonna be a good night.


We’ve been working on the details of a show with Common House, an artist collective and gallery in town.

We decided since we’d be working with them on a show, why not collaborate on a zine to kick off a new year of collaboration. This zine will be in appearance at our show on Friday, January 27th along with all of the zines we have made over the past year and some installations we’ve got in the works. Get ready to celebrate with some great art and good times.


Well, we made it through one full year of making art and are excited about a fresh start to the year. To wrap up and push our little Crummy House a little further, we were able to put together this 24-page, handmade, not-quite-perfect bound book. There are 25 copies and they will be available at an exhibition we are planning with our new friends at Common House, an art collective, studio and gallery here in town.

Get ready to pickup some zines and see some great art.

Communicate and Circulate

We were super excited to make some limited-edition zines for Good Press a couple weeks ago. They will be showing up this week at Communicate and Circulate, a show dedicated to print and publishing in the independent arts.

We’re even more pumped up that the dream of Crummy House is coming to life. In one year, we were able to make art with 10+ artists. Now, on top of all that goodness, we also have opportunity, thanks to our friends Matt and Jess at Good Press, to show this work to a different audience.

We are very thankful for the artists and friends that are making this what it is and hope to continue sending work into the world. We will wrap this year up with two artists to be announced very soon and share some news about our plans for next year, including what we plan on doing with all this great art that we made this year. STAY TUNED!

Read a little bit about the upcoming show at Graphik Mag