A long time coming


Latest work:

We are very excited to participate in Museums Press’ workshop at GRAFIXX, a festival in Antwerp, Belgium.

Jessica and I made some pages which will be available for participants to fold into their own bootlegged zine.

Click here to read more about GRAFIXX


Since we’ve been gone:

We’ve been working away at our own lives since we last posted. Jess and I are getting married and figuring out how to stay alive as artists in a town that continues to become more expensive. We’ve got some ideas about the next phase of Crummy House and what we’ll do next with this art experiment in collaboration. Stay tuned, the crumminess will continue soon.


An interview: Will Gaynor

We’re working on some new things and working with some new folks. Our good friend X.C. Atkins is going to be bringing you some interviews with some artists and acquaintances down the line.

Here is an interview with Will Gaynor. A great artist here in Austin.

Check out his website here.


“A fun little interview I did with my friend and artist Will Gaynor of the Common House. He had a really rad show this past October. I didn’t get to buy a piece this time, but I felt like I learned more about him, and I think that’s a pretty cool thing. Shout out to the Illegal Eagles.”

X.C. Atkins

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Wolves now online

If you didn’t get a chance to pick up Xavier’s recent collaboration, you might be out of luck. They went like hotcakes at Common House and the Austin Zine Fest. A great collaboration and hard work paid off on this one. You can still see it here, but you’ll need to track down a copy to read this great work.


Click here to view the zine

Not so Crummy zines

We’ve picked up some rad zines lately and wanted to share them with you. It’s always nice to see how everyone does their own thing with folded paper and imagery. Nice work on these inspiring releases.

[portfolio_slideshow id=4001]

In order of the slide show:

Vortex #4 by William Cardini

Super Sumo by Sanaa Khan published by Tiny Splendor

The Vegetarins by Rich Jacobs

Plog by Raw Paw

You’re a Pain in the Ass by Anna Wanda Gogusey and Roca Balboa

Allied Forces Quarterly spread by Jared Pittack

Wolves by X.C. Atkins release info

We’re excited to announce another collaboration with good friend, X.C. Atkins. This zine packed full of great works all about wolves will be available at William Gaynor’s exhibition at Common House coming up this weekend and Austin Zine Fest at our table on November 2nd. Don’t miss this limited edition of some funny writings and great artwork, all hand picked by X.C. himself.


No Porn

We just stumbled upon an article from early July . Head over to The New York Times article “No Porn, Just Books and Zines”  to see the zine kiosk  we wished existed when  we rode the train to work.

Sept 2013: Klint Teston

Crummy House is proud to announce a collaboration with friend and rad creative, Klint Teston. We’ve been sitting on this work from Klint since earlier this year, but finally got around to putting this book together. A rad piece with clips from the local rag, BUSTED, features some characters who got a little unlucky here in Austin.


Click here to view the zine.

Slow goings

Photos from our show in late March

We’ve gotta admit, we haven’t been working too much on Crummy House stuff these days. Since the show in late March, we’ve been really just trying to keep our heads and find some REAL work to keep us and the kitties fed. We’ve got some plans in store for the summer and the fall, but don’t hold your breath for a while.

Stay creative, stay in touch. We’ll be back.

Peepshow Collective – Index 2012


Peepshow Collective of London has recently put out an archival book of collaborative and personal works that span the last decade. The rad group of 11 combine to make stellar imagery in all mediums. Check out Index 2012, and get inspired. The book also gives face time with all members in interviews. Browse artists and info and  grab a copy of Index 2012 along with numerous other awesome things for purchase on the shop page.