Mixtape Edition 1

We thought we’d try and rope a couple of our friends who play/make music to make some mixtapes for us. We’re interested in what inspires, motivates and moves people, so this was just another way for us to mix and mash things up into something totally unique to Crummy House.

Click here to take a listen

This mix comes to us from a friend who is taking off for Chicago soon with his bride to be. Klint Teston lives in Austin, Texas and plays in a band called Expensive Shit. We’ll miss these pals up in Chicago, but will welcome the opportunity to come hang.

Look to The Past


Sometimes I forget how awesome it is to reference archives. Then I stumble on things like this, and I am reminded. Please enjoy browsing a collection of archived Navajo rugs circa 1935 – 1939 in New Mexico’s Digital Collection

Little Wooden Somethings

Proud to announce my first project since getting back in the game of Crummy House. Stay tuned for the line up of awesome wood workers who will be getting arty on this mini-project. I’m super excited to see what comes out of this mix-mash of wood and paper.

Back in action

March was a blur. A good blur, but dang, it went by real fast.

We met up yesterday to plan out what will be a rebirth of art making this year. We’ve got some new projects brewing and fun times to be had. Each of us will be initiating our own projects as to cover more ground, but we’ll all be collaborating when our day jobs and schooling allows us to all get together. We want to keep the fire of collaboration and friendship building going with art as our catalyst. Maybe a little music, too.

Stay tuned.
Or don’t.

CH X CH Megazine Recap

[responsive_youtube Ihp6YXshCr4]

Check out this rad video recap of the Megazine Launch!

EDIT: In our haste to publish this video, we forgot to thank our bud, and great artist Rich Cali. Rich made this sweet video you see up there. We were pumped to work with Rich in the Common House exhibition. I’m working with Rich on a collaboration of my own in the coming months. It’s gonna be way rad and I’m pumped up to see what happens.

Band of Loners

Also, make sure to check out this show at Common House this weekend with many great artists and makers from Austin. Jessica and I will have a couple of works in there as well and there is word of an awesome collaborative work, which will be unveiled at the opening. Looking forward to seeing the final work.

Brian Salvi at Yard Dog

Fellow human skyscraper, Brian Salvi will be having an opening at Yard Dog this coming Saturday. Brian is a talented painter and also a musician who plays fiddle in Woodsboss, amongst other bands around town and afar. Make sure to check out his work, it’s pretty awesome. I asked Brian how he came up with the imagery he paints and he said, “I just go down to the library and flip through some books. There’s no real connection besides me finding the right image.”

Crummy Three

We’re pleased to announce the introduction of a new member of Crummy House.

Meet Miss Jackie Young

Jackie helped us install our recent project with Josh Row this past weekend and will be taking on new projects and blogging about things she finds interesting and exciting. We are glad to have Jackie join us and look forward to all the great things we will do. Stay tuned, Crummy Heads.