Busy Bees Being Free

We’ve been reeling since our show with Common House. It was such a good feeling to be working with people who you know live the same life you do. Working long hours, dealing with hectic days just to be able to stop at the end of your day to begin working on what really matters.

We were able to work with some talented individuals over the past weeks since the show on our recent project. Josh Row and Jackie Young collaborated with Crummy House on a window display at our local party-place, Beauty Bar Austin.

Carlos Rosales-Silva allowed us to use his sculptural element as a centerpiece for the window.

We’ll be gathering at the Beauty Bar in the next couple weeks to take a closer look and have some fun.

Stay tuned if you’d like to join us.

Here are some photos:

Thank you, Common House

A giant thank you to the folks at Common House. We had a great time putting together the show and book with you guys over this month. We’ve found some good friends and creative alliances through this collaborative effort.

We posted up some photos from the show in black and white slideshow here.

Visit our Facebook page to get the color versions.

Getting Ready

We’re full-steam ahead on our show set up for Friday, 7 – 9 PM.

Hope you all can make it out. It’s gonna be a good night.

Let’s Celebrate

Crummy House Megazine Launch and CH x CH Zine Release

Friday, January 27th, 7-9 PM Special goodies for first 5 to arrive

906 East 49th Street
Austin, Texas 78751

Celebratory drinks at Yellow Jacket Social Club after the show


We’ve been working on the details of a show with Common House, an artist collective and gallery in town.

We decided since we’d be working with them on a show, why not collaborate on a zine to kick off a new year of collaboration. This zine will be in appearance at our show on Friday, January 27th along with all of the zines we have made over the past year and some installations we’ve got in the works. Get ready to celebrate with some great art and good times.


Well, we made it through one full year of making art and are excited about a fresh start to the year. To wrap up and push our little Crummy House a little further, we were able to put together this 24-page, handmade, not-quite-perfect bound book. There are 25 copies and they will be available at an exhibition we are planning with our new friends at Common House, an art collective, studio and gallery here in town.

Get ready to pickup some zines and see some great art.

…But it Bears Repeating

Back Smith from Skate Bush Tumblr Site

Okay, I have bombarded some of you with this already, but I feel it needs to make it into the lives of others asap. Skate Bush is the imagined collaboration of 80’s dream- babe-wood-nymph Kate Bush, and some gnarly shreds on a skateboard. The tumblr site is fairly green, and boasts a mere 8 posts thus far, but it is my hope that the ingenious archive only grows with time. But seriously, will the photo caption “Bombing Down That Hill” every really be topped?

The Kick Inside Indeed!!

Jackie Young

Crummy House is proud to announce a collaboration with artist and photographer, Jackie Young. Of course we’re excited about having Jackie over to make some awesome art and hang out! She’s been making some amazing collage work herself and is always taking killer photos. Go check out a project she’s working on with artist Andrew De Francesco here: Welcome Indians