Mixtape Edition 2

While we work out the details of the next couple works, we encourage you to go jam on this mixtape by Nate Cross. Nate’s band Marriage has been kicking some major eardrums these days, so you should go give ’em a listen, as well.

Click here to take a listen

Sending vibes

We’re sending out the first of many packages into the world. Keep your eyes peeled and you might have one of these land at your door. Art by the post, the best kind in my opinion. Also, up next in the coming future, new zine announcements and art projects!


HOT ROD zine release

The zine release was tons of fun and what a good feeling to put a ton of effort into something and then get drinks with your friends. We’ll be trying to do more of these gatherings in the future and hope to get more of the community involved in supporting art in bound form.

Below: Xavier, Mimi and Jack check out the zine.

Thanks to everyone who helped bring HOT ROD to life, including X.C Atkins, Mad+Musty Printing, the artists Othello Gervacio, Emerald Grippa, Minka Sicklinger. Both Jessica and myself added a few works to the book and were honored to be among such great artists.

Below: Chad Muzarelli of Mad+Musty pulls some sweet Rod Stewart posters.

Hot Rod Zine Release


We’re very close to finishing this great collaboration with new friend X.C. Atkins. We’ll be having a hang sesh and zine release Thursday, August 2nd from 7 – 10 PM, at Yellow Jacket Social Club to celebrate the completion.

Bring some bucks to buy a zine and have a drink with us. We’ll have some Rod Stewart jams pumping in the background and a bunch of paper, folded into little books for your perusal.

Hot Rod

Crummy House is proud to announce a collaboration with Xavier Atkins, writer and world traveler. Xavier emailed us through the site and we met up for drinks and checked out all the rad material he’s already got stored up for a more than exceptional concept. Hot Rod will be a zine about that dude we all grew up with, Rod Stewart.

Stay tuned for more details on this zine as it will not disappoint. More announcements coming through the site in the next few days. As always, stay cool and keep creating.

Songs of the Early Riser

Crummy House is pleased to announce a collaboration with artist and all-around, super talented dude, Adam Young. Adam participated in our recent Little Wooden Somethings collaboration and was awesome and asked us to show them in Songs of the Early Riser show on Saturday at Common House. We can’t wait to see all the great things Adam has cooked up! Come out and buy some art!

Peepshow Collective – Index 2012


Peepshow Collective of London has recently put out an archival book of collaborative and personal works that span the last decade. The rad group of 11 combine to make stellar imagery in all mediums. Check out Index 2012, and get inspired. The book also gives face time with all members in interviews. Browse artists and info and  grab a copy of Index 2012 along with numerous other awesome things for purchase on the shop page.